Barley Grass & Inulin (FOS) 95% Prebiotic Tea Diet (6 Pack Bundle for 6 Month)

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  • Very Low Glycemic Index
  • Dietary Fiber Rich Prebiotic contents
  • Helping Healthy Slimming Diet
  • Healthy Blood Sugar Level Management



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Nanowell® ​​​ Barley Grass & Inulin (FOS) 95% Prebiotic Tea Diet can be consumed by whole family including children. It can be a good source for a slimming diet and healthy blood sugar management. It is a dietary fiber rich contents.

This product is made of 40% of fresh barley grass juice extract (10:1) and 60% of fresh Jerusalem Artichoke Root extract (17.5:1). Jerusalem Artichoke Root extract used in this product includes 95% Inulin which is one of the beneficial prebiotic nutrient. It may help maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. Barley Grass extract used in this product contains potassium (K), Iron, Zinc, Vitamin, etc.

Mix one stick pouch (6g) with 6 ounces hot/cold water or your favorite beverages. Stir and drink preferably before meal. You may use it as a hot or cold tea, juice, seasoning, salad dressing, flavor.