Kiwilax 180 Vegetarian Capsules

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  • Cleanse, repair and regulate intestinal health
  • Eliminating wastes from your body in natural way
  • Detox and weight loss management
  • For the beautiful skin and healthier intestines
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Nanowell® Kiwilax contains ingredients from all naturally occurred substances. This unique formula has created from the results of 5 years of studies since 2009 for more comfortable and safe bowel movement remedy using all natural materials.

This great product contains Actinidin contained Kiwi extract, Alo leaf extract (Aloin contained), Plum extract, and Magnesium which originated from plant sources.

Actinidin, a unique compound in kiwis, helps the body breaks down proteins in red meat and fish. Researchers believe the exotic fruit could even help those with poor digestion process heavy dairy-laden or meaty meals.
Dr. Lovedeep Kaur from Massey University in New Zealand told that “The observed enhancement of gastric protein digestion after eating kiwi fruit may increase the rate at which protein absorbed in the small intestine, ultimately affecting the overall protein utilization in the human body.”

Actinidin and dietary fibers in kiwis helps improving bowel movement in most case of the people who have difficulties with dyschezia.

Extracts of aloe (Aloe vera), barbaloin, or aloin derived from the inner sheath cells of the leaves is known as a potent laxative. However, sometimes it would be too strong for some people so, we controlled the amount of use in very careful manners.



Magnesium is an osmotic laxative which “pull” water into the intestines. Bringing more water into the stool increases the volume of stool and makes it softer. Magnesium is non-addictive and gentle but, it is recommended to stop using it when stools are normal. And also you should not exceed the dose of 300mg x 3 times daily, total in 900mg to 1,000mg.


The fiber in plums is mostly insoluble, which means it does not blend with water. It plays a role in preventing constipation by adding bulk to your stool and may speed up the rate that waste moves through your digestive tract.

Over-dosing any ingredients good for constipation may cause side effects, such as nausea, vomiting, electrolyte imbalance, rectal bleeding, and bowel movement fails.
We carefully evaluated all ingredients and found the proper amount of them in harmony so that most people may have good results without problems.

Suggested Use: Take 1 to 3 capsules after meals with 6-ounce water.

Caution: If you are pregnant, lactating, or in medical condition, please consult with your physician before taking this product. Keep Out Of Reach Of Children. When the adverse effect occurs, please stop using the product.

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