Sean Lee’s iBone Cal Mag 180 Vegetarian Caps


Ionized Calcium & Magnesium

  • No.1 Bone Density Formula Available on the market*
  • 99.99% Abosorption Rate
  • Nano Ionized Calcium & Magnesium
  • 45 days supply
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Number One Absorption Rate!
100% Diluted & Ionized in Water!
Sean Lee’s iBone Cal Mag 180 Vegetarian Caps Complex

Absorption is the most important factor when choosing mineral products.


Did you know minerals are absorbed through ion channels within cells?
That’s why it’s important to know the mechanism for mineral absorption within the human body. The truth is minerals are absorbed more efficiently when they are in ionized form.  How much absorbed? It depends on how much it is ionized.
Sean Lee’s iBone Cal Mag 180 Vegetarian Caps Complex is 100% diluted & ionized in water and it is one of the highest absorption rates available on the market. The amount of minerals is not important as absorption rate. The most important thing is taking a highly ionized minerals that can be highly absorbed. The image on the right shows there are ion channels within the cells and only ionized minerals can be absorbed and go through ion channels. The truth is knowing mechanism of mineral absorption is important. Non-ionized minerals are not through body cells. That’s why you should consider ionized mineral products when you choose your mineral supplements.


Sean Lee’s iBone Cal Mag 180 Vegetarian Caps Complex is created by Dr. Gunderson in 1996. Because of its uniqueness the product is being distributed throughout U.S.A. and exported to Canada, Mexico, Korea, China, Malaysia, Australia, etc.
The 23rd INPEX Gold Medal Award Winner
Sean Lee’s iBone Cal Mag 180 Vegetarian Caps Complex received a Gold Medal Award at the 23rd INPEX for alternative medicine category for its special characteristics, which is 100% diluted and ionized in water offering a fully absorbed through ion channels within the body cells.

The image on the left shows the difference between a normal calcium product and nanowell® Ionized Cal/Mag Complex.

A shows Coral calcium powder is not diluted in distilled water but B shows Sean Lee’s iBone Cal Mag 180 Vegetarian Caps Complex is fully diluted and ionized without residue in distilled water.

The More Ionized, The Higher Electrical Charge.

The comparison test results show that C – Distilled Water (2.5mA), DSean Lee’s iBone Cal Mag 180 Vegetarian Caps Complex diluted in distilled water (143mA), E – Coral Calcium Powder diluted in distilled water (93mA).

But remember the difference between Coral Calcium and Sean Lee’s iBone Cal Mag 180 Vegetarian Caps Complex is on only 50mA. Because most normal calcium products are in the range of 85~95mA actual difference between two products would be 100 ~ 200 times ratio.


It’s completely dissolved in water!

The image above shown demonstrates how Sean Lee’s iBone Cal Mag 180 Vegetarian Caps Complex product is completely dissolved in water. The test water is 39 degree Fahrenheit. You can put 3 ~ 3.5g of the product in a bottle. Shake it and leave it! Then you can see the amazing change of your bottle with clear and no residue of the product. It takes 8~10 minutes for complete dissolution but you can use warm water, tea or coffee then it’ll be dissolved within minutes.

Minerals including Calcium and Magnesium can be absorbed up to 20% in healthy men of 20 years old. Furthermore when getting older absorption rates for minerals drop down to 5% within the age range of 40 ~ 50’s. When choosing mineral products you need to find one with highest ionized factor.

Because of this reason if you are in age of 50’s you may absorb only 50mg even though you are taking 1,000mg calcium pills.


2:1 Ratio between Calcium and Magnesium

When you choose Calcium product you need to check the product is well balanced in the ratio between Calcium and Magnesium. The products that have a 2:1 ratio of Calcium and Magnesium might be desirable ones than others which does not have or are not in the range of the ratio.

Since Calcium and Magnesium Ratio affects the absorption rate of Calcium within the body cells 2:1 ratio is more important than the existence of Vitamin D. Actually if any product which is in 2:1 ratio range of Calcium and Magnesium and ionized it would be one of the most desirable product. Since the uniqueness of our product the ratio is not exactly 2:1 but we’ve manufactured in the best form available.


Types of Sean Lee’s iBone Cal Mag 180 Vegetarian Caps Complex

Sean Lee’s iBone Cal Mag 180 Vegetarian Caps is available in powder, capsule, and liquid form. We recommend customers to take the powder product for highest absorbency. You can use it with water, coffee, tea, beverage, or any food in liquid form. There are capsule product and liquid products. Capsule product is very convenient to carry and liquid product is very good for children or elderly people.

Sean Lee’s iBone Cal Mag 180 Vegetarian Caps Complex can be used for food industries including beverage, bakery, snack, and spicy makers.

WARNING: If you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medications, or planning any medical procedure, please consult your doctor before using this product.


Capsule: take 2 capsules twice (2) daily with enough (6oz) water.


Safety Information

If you are pregnant or in a medical condition, please consult with your healthcare professional before taking this product. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. If you take this product in capsule form, please take it with sufficient water (6oz) for better absorption.


Sean Lee's iBone Cal Mag 180 Vegetarian Caps is unique and great calcium and magnesium supplement, which is highly bio-available and well balanced with magnesium for safety. When you take this kind of good calcium supplement, which is well balanced with magnesium, you can expect strong bones and healthier muscular and nervous conditions. And also it could be a satisfactory solution for another health issues, like, leg-cramps at night, stiffness of muscles, insomnia, hypertension, and depression, etc.


Nano-processed calcium carbonate and calcium gluconate, Nano-processed magnesium carbonate and magnesium gluconate, Apple Cider Vinegar.

Recommended Use

Recommended dose is 2 capsules twice a day with 8 ounces water preferably after meals.