Bee Propolis 50% Tincture 5 Btl Set

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  • Bee Propolis 50% Tincture
  • 20% Bee Proplis Spray
  • Natural Anti-Bacterial Substances
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One of the Safest
Natural Hygiene Substance
Created by Bees – Propolis

Bee Propolis is an important source of bioflavonoids and antioxidants for the protection of bees.
Propolis is a natural hygiene substance in beehive which protects bees from bacteria and inflammation so that beehive is under the highest and the healthiest surroundings in animal world.


How to Use Propolis?

  • Propolis can be used for healthy mouth and throat
  • Propolis can protect skin from the inflammation
  • Propolis also helps preventing of catching cold by avoiding bacteria


Nanowell® Bee Propolis Products

Nanowell® Bee Propolis Products are made of the Propolis harvested from various area (Mid-north of the U.S.A.) in longer seasons to get diverse and complete tree rains which bees gather and eat.
Nanowell® Bee Propolis Products are manufactured in the facilities which are one of the oldest and the latest technologies applied. Especially, during the process of raw Propolis they don’t use any heat, artificial preservatives, and chemicals.


Types of Product

1) Nanowell® Bee Propolis Throat Spray (30ml)
2) Nanowell® Bee Propolis Throat Spray 5 Bottle Set
3) Nanowell® Bee Propolis Tincture 50% (30ml)
4) Nanowell® Bee Propolis Tincture 50% 5 Bottle Set

Nanowell® Bee Propolis Throat Spray is made of 20% raw Propolis with various natural herbal extract with no heat and cold process technologies.
This product is spray type. It’s very convenient for spraying in mouth, throat, and skin.
Use 1 to 3 times when you need to spray. You can use more by direction of your healthcare professional.

Nanowell® Bee Propolis 50% Tincture is made of 50% raw Propolis and 50% grain alcohol.
During the process of production this product is manufactured with the method of no heat and cold process technologies.
Tincture is a terminology that medicinal material is diluted in alcohol. Since raw Propolis is very sticky like pitch which is very hard to handle. That’s why we are making Propolis products in spray, tincture, powder, powder in capsule form.


Origin of Propolis Products

Importers emphasizes its origin of product. They say products from Canada, New Zealand, and Austria are better than the products from any other countries because those countries have very clean environment.
Those theories are only marketing tactics which propagandize wrong theories that is not always true.
Large groups of bees cannot be found in the area which is not clean. If there are large groups of bees which can be used for commercially the area shall be clean and good environment. It’s not only available in those countries but available in any countries.
Especially, Nanowell® Propolis Products are made of the raw Propolis which is harvested in the Mid-North area of the United States which are very clean and good environment for bees.


Directions: Nanowell® Bee Propolis 50% Tincture is not a spray it is designed for oral consumption. It’s stronger 2.5 times than spray product.

  • Good way of taking Nanowell® Bee Propolis 50% Tincture is mixing 5 to 10 drops of the product with 1/8 tea spoon of honey.
  • You can spread it on your skin if you need.
  • If you want to remove alcohol please drop it into hot water or teas in 5 minutes before drinking.

Ingredients: Propolis extract, Licorice Root, Forsythis Fruit extract, Slippery Elm Bark extract, Clove extract, Myrrh extract, Goldenseal Root extract, Echinacea Purpurse Root extract, Kosher Vegetable Glycerin, Natural Black Cherry Flavor.

Caution: Bee products may cause allergic reaction in some people. Please do not use product(s) if you are allergic to bee products. These products are not recommended to pregnant or lactating women unless you healthcare professional recommends. Please avoid to contact with clothing. Store in a cool and dry place. Away from sunlight. Keep out of reach of children. Sealed for your protection. Do not use if seal is broken or missing.