Uteron Xp 90c (3 Bottle Bundle)

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  • Promotes blood circulation*
  • Beautiful skin*
  • Cleansing out wastes from Uterus*
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No More Uterus Problems! With an Herbal Medicinal formula – Uteron™ Women’s Health come from Uterus Health! Experience amazing feeling in 7 days!

From your skin problem to your Second Generation


Most women consider menstrual pain, irregularity and leukorrhea unavoidable and give up any hope for treatment. Nonetheless, these are only the barometers that indicate a warning signal of the uterus.

For women, uterus is another internal organ too precious to rely on either a pain-killer or an antiphlogistic. The uterus is, for women, closely related with the function of the liver; there fore, if any abnormal symptom occurs, the function of the liver gradually weakens.

Accordingly, eyes are easily felt tired, and migraine, insomnia, freckles, dark spots and a symptom of hardening the breast accompanied with pain. According to statistics, any diseases related to the uterus are caused by extreme stress, averse flow of blood, abortion, miscarriage, unsound sexual conduct, abuse of contraceptives, etc. menstrual pain, irregularity,  leukorrhea can be improved, there fore, should never be neglected for treatment.  Second generation in the future will be healthy only when your uterus is healthy.

The use of herbal extracts for health benefits have been known for thousands of years in East Asian countries such as China, Korea, and Japan. The utilization of herbal extracts as dietary supplements for promoting various sorts of health benefits have been gaining wide acceptance in western countries.


Oriental Medicinal Herb Formula

UteronTM is made of Oriental medicinal herbal extracts include Leonuri Herba ( Motherwort) extract, Polygoni Multiflori Radix extract, Trichosanthis Radixextract, Poria extract, Sanguisorbae Radix extract, Moutan Cortex extract, Mori Fructus extract, Gardeniae Fructus extract, Semen Melandrii extract, Radix Et Rhizoma Reynoutria extract. Those herbal extract has been used for women’s healthcare for thousands of years in Asian countries.


Uteron-XP & WP

  • Uteron-XP: This product is for women who are suffered from vaginitis, leucorrhea, bad smell, dyspareunia, PMS, recovering after childbirth, and endometrial cyst. Unfortunately, feminine cleanser may temporarily relieve your suffers or symptoms, but, not a solution for termination of their etiological causes and factors. As well, a prescription drug wouldn’t be recommended for a person who has a weak immunity due to its possibility to kill or weaken intestinal beneficial bacteria. After usage of Uteron-XP for 3 months, you would feel free from those suffers and symptoms. And, it is recommended to intake Uteron-XP for a month not to be suffered again every 3 or 4 months.
  • Uteron-WP: This product is for women who are suffered from severe menstrual pains. It may change your physical constitution from the condition with severe menstrual pains to the one with mild or without pains in around 3 months if followed as usage instruction and will last for at least 1 year.  And, it is recommended to intake Uteron-WP for a (1) month not to be suffered again every 6 months. Uteron-WP is not only for relief of severe menstrual pains but also for improving your daily activities on your period.


Symptoms could be improved with Uteron™

  • Dysmenorrhea, irregularity, leucorrhea*
  • Low abdominal coldness and pain*
  • For uterus cleaning after (child birth/miscarriage/abortion)*
  • Uterus cyst and fibroid*
  • Endometriosis, Vaginitis*
  • Freckles, rough skin, dark spots on face*
  • Chronic tiredness, infertility*
  • Hardening of breast*
  • Pain during intercourse, low back pains*
  • Prevention for uterine cancer*


 Uteron™ Promotes Blood Circulation in Uterus and Pelvic Area!


The following symptoms will be disappeared when your uterus is cleaned

  • Fatigue*
  • Insomnia*
  • Migraine headache*
  • Hemorrhoid*
  • Back pain*
  • Hysteria, depression*
  • Shoulder pain*
  • Freckle will be faded*


Warning: Pregnant women must not take this product. Keep out of reach of children. During period, stop taking it temporarily.


Q & A about Nanowell® UteronTM

It is a compound word of uterus and utopia (an ideal placer or environment), which means the peace of uterus away from any problems.

To women, liver is closely related with uterus. According to the Oriental medicine, same energy runs through liver and uterus, and they function to restrain and/or coordinate each other.  Once a problem occurs in uterus, uterus, for its own sake, deprives liver of its energy.  Accordingly, it weakens liver function, which not only makes you easily tired but also causes insomnia, shoulder pain, and migraine.  However, by taking Uteron™, uterus will be cleaned, and liver function will improve as well.  And you will significantly notice that all the above-mentioned symptoms will improve.

Physical examination cannot detect any abnormality unless there is tumor in uterus or visible inflammation. Machines are unable to detect any symptom when there are functional disorder in uterus, trouble with blood circulation, and blood congestion and dampness (watery) in uterus.  In such a case, antibiotic doesn’t work.  Only by taking Uteron™, all the problems described above will certainly disappear.

When you take Uteron, it penetrates into your uterus and dissolves waste matter completely, and all the waste matter is discharged out of your body through the urine and the feces.  For a woman holding a lot of waste matter, however, waste matter that is not completely dissolved comes out of the pubic region.  You need not be disappointed simply because waste matter doesn’t come out of the public region.  The more you used to feel uncomfortable and had trouble with your uterus, the faster you will feel the reaction. After taking UteronTM for a woman who rarely feels any problem with uterus will not experience any significant difference.  However, she will definitely notice her tiredness decrease, and shoulder pain or lumbagos disappear.Physical examination cannot detect any abnormality unless there is tumor in uterus or visible inflammation. Machines are unable to detect any symptom when there are functional disorder in uterus, trouble with blood circulation, and blood congestion and dampness (watery) in uterus.  In such a case, antibiotic doesn’t work.  Only by taking Uteron™, all the problems described above will certainly disappear.

2-3 people out of 100 experiences this type of symptom.  While the liver function is being improved, such reverse symptom occurs, and it lasts 2 weeks for short term and a month for long term.  People with such a symptom used to have shocks or big stress in the past, and their past memory of oppression or depression reoccurs momentarily.  These are all improving signs; therefore, please continue taking Uteron™, and all the problems will be solved as if the fog is cleared off.

There are two different brands of Uteron™: One for a person who has menstrual pain and the other for a person who doesn’t.  It is determined based on the degree of pain in the low abdominal region during the period of menstruation, and it refers to the case when a painkiller is needed.  It doesn’t apply though for lumbago or a headache.  Also, A person whose menstrual pain disappeared after delivery should take “Uteron™ for no menstrual pain”, but a person whose menstrual period is paused (after the period of menopause), if she used to suffer from menstrual, should take “Uteron for menstrual pain”. If a person having menstrual pain takes “Uteron™ -xp”, she will either experience a great appetite or suffer from soreness in the stomach.  On the contrary, if a person having no menstrual pain takes “Uteron™ -wp”, she will lose her appetite and may feel like vomiting.

In terms of dosing Uteron™, it has to be determined based on the symptom. However, the term of taking Uteron™, you should decide yourself because you are the one who knows the condition.

  • Menstrual pain: For serious case, 3 months is recommended. Otherwise, l~2 months. *
  • Leucorrhea: 1 month if offensive odor or color exists. 2~3 months for white leucorrhea. It takes a little longer period for such a case. *
  • Uterus inflammation & pruritus (itching): Remedies in a month, yet 2 months recommended. *
  • Menstrual irregularity: 3 months recommended. *
  • Abdominal pain: Symptom disappears in a week, yet 3 months recommended. *
  • Uterine tumor: For Shrinkage or disappearance of uterine tumor, you have to take Uteron at least 4—6 months. For the case of hystero myoma, treatment is possible only when the size of myoma is less than 5 Cm. (more than 6 months of dose recommended)*


Practical Instances

The following instances are comments received on the phone from the consumers who called after taking Uteron.

35 year old woman (Chicago resident) —I felt lower body uncomfortable as if I felt like urinating.  I visited several hospitals for physical checkup in vain, and I was told that nothing was wrong. After taking Uteron for only one week, I felt no more symptoms.

46 year old woman (Texas resident) —I had been receiving acupuncture and cupping treatment at an Oriental clinic because of migraine and shoulder ache.  Ever since I began taking Uteron for leucorrhea, both migraine and shoulder pain disappeared simultaneously.

50 year old woman (Los Angeles resident) —Because I had several cysts and myoma, the hospital advised me for a surgery, but I refused to have it.   After taking Uteron for 4 months, not only all the cysts but also irregular bleeding and pains disappeared.  I am still taking Uteron for myoma treatment

24 year old woman (Georgia resident) —Because of serious pain the menstrual period, I was unable to go to work and relied on a painkiller.   After taking Uteron for a month, I manage myself without a painkiller.  Menstrual pain disappeared in 2 months after taking Uteron.

43 year old Hispanic woman (Montebello resident) —I had been suffering from uterus pain, menstrual irregularity, leucorrhea, and menstrual pain.  After tissue examination, I was advised for a uterus surgery, but I refused it and began taking Uteron.  After 4 months, all the symptoms disappeared.  While taking Uteron, a lot of waste matter poured out of pubic region. Thank you very much! I’m so happy now.

29 year old woman (Downy resident) —After Caesarean operation, I had to suffer from pain around her uterus.  Physical examination could not disclose anything wrong.  After taking Uteron for one week, pain began to disappear.  I was advised to take Nanowell® Uteron 3 more months. I will follow your direction. Thank you.

63 year old woman (Los Angeles resident) — My uterus and vagina were very dry, and she was unable to walk because of bloody swelling around vagina.  I’ve been taking estrogen (female hormone) for l0 years as her obstetrician advised.  After 3 months of intake of UTERON, I discontinued taking hormone, now I lives without uterus problem, and hot flash. Thank you very much for your help.

Safety Information
If you skipped last period, please check up your pregnancy before taking this product. During period stop taking this product temporarily. If you are pregnant do not take this product, If you are undergoing treatment for a medical condition, please consult with your physician. Keep Out of Reach of Children.

Uteron® is designed for women's health. Women's health begins from uterus health.* Uteron may promotes blood circulation and help cleansing out wastes from uterus.* All natural herbal suppliment for uterus health.* Uteron-xp is for women who have no pains in her menses.* Caution: This product is designed only for women.

Proprietray Uteron-xp Blend 1,500mg (**) Contains Leonuri Herba extract, Sanguisorbae Radix extract, Polygoni Multiflori extract, Moutan Cortex extract, Trichosanthis Radix extract, Mori Fructus extract, Poria extract, Gardeniae Fructus extract

Take 3 capsules twice daily with empty stomach.

Legal Disclaimer
* This statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.